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The Luxurious Hummer Limo For Hire North East

The luxurious Hummer Limo for hire in North East is one of the most loved limousines for hire we have. For starters, it has a very unique exterior design, not to talk about the interior décor. If you want to have a good time anywhere in the North East with your friends, do not hesitate to contact Newcastle limo hire for the best hummer limo hire services. The hummer limo is very spacious as it can accommodate up to seventeen people. 


  1. Colorful roof lights with chromatic effects
  2. Minibar where you can get all the drinks you like. If there is a specific drink you would like us to stock kindly give us feedback prior to so you can get it when you are on board.
  3. Two flat-screen televisions and a DVD player for your entertainment.
  4. Amplified Sony sound system with subwoofers for music entertainment.
  5. Floor lights with strobe effects
  6. VIP sections in the back of the hummer limo and GPS navigation system for directions.

Do we provide chauffeurs for the hummer limo hire service?

Yes, we do. Our chauffeurs are highly experienced and have been trained individually to make sure they portray what we want. With our hummer limo for hire chauffeurs, you are assured of your safety at all times. In case you encounter any problems while onboard, kindly do not hesitate to inform us. 

Our hummer limo hire North East service is extensive and whichever service you will want; we will provide a chauffeur to drive you around like a boss. The chauffeurs are trained to always treat you well, with the respect you deserve.

Services offered at Newcastle limo hire

The hummer limo is a very spacious vehicle, which is what makes it suitable for most occasions. Given that the Hummer limo for hire has two color rangers, the white and the black, you can choose whichever suits your occasion best. For the services offered, you can use the hummer limo for wedding car hire services. We provide efficient and convenient wedding car hires that will serve you throughout the day.

We also have airport transfer services with the hummer limo hire North East service where we pick and drop you off from the airport. Are you visiting Newcastle and looking for a reliable hummer limo from a trusted company? We will be there to pick you up in time from the airport and whichever direction you want to take, the hummer limo chauffeur will drive you there. 


The Hummer Limo hire is available for many other services, not just the ones mentioned above. You can use the vehicle for any purpose you would like, as long as it is legal and damage-free. We are a company that offers the best hummer limo services in the North East and we would like to give you an experience like no other. Consult us and you will be given the required assistance by our service agents.

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