Birthday Parties


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Yorkshire Party Bus & Party Bus in Middlesbrough for Birthdays

Why Not Start The Birthday Party Before You Get There?

It doesn't matter how old you are, everybody loves a Limo and what a perfect way to turn a birthday into a Celebration In A Newcastle Limo Hire Limo!!!

Kids Love Limos.

  • So why not book a limo for their party, they will not only love it, look how cool they will feel, cruising around town with their friends.

Parent's Love Limos Too

  • And it's a win win, you don't have to drive anywhere and be on your best behaviour and best driving skills. So you get to go out too and enjoy yourself. Your parent's will adore this idea, they will feel extra special for a day.

Surprise Birthday Party

  • Start the party with a Limo ride and take them to a surprise event, maybe save this one for a special birthday, but what a great idea!!

The Famous 21st Birthday

  • Hire a Limo and everybody can enjoy a night out, dancing, eating and drinking without the worry of driving and travelling in luxury.

Boys Birthday, What Do You Do?

  • Hire a limo, we will pick the young guests up with the star of the show in the Limo and take them to their party and take them back to their homes. They will love it, especially your little man!!!

Girls Birthday Party, How Do You Improve On Last Year For Your Princess?

  • Well a pink Limo would probably do it, with it decorated with matching balloons, streamers, pink drinks, pink food. They would feel like film stars, just cruise them around and drop them off at the cinema, restaurant. There would be more selfies than at an Oscar night!!

Your Wife's Birthday

  • Surprise her with a limo to take the family out for the birthday meal, everybody can enjoy the evening, no designated driver questions, just a fun night. She will love the thought...

Your Husband's Birthday

  • As the everyday chauffeur, he would love the idea of a Limo to take him out. Stock the bar with his favourite drinks. Cruise around, go to a football, rugby, darts event, it doesn't matter the Limo will turn it into a special event.


Yorkshire Party Bus in Newcastle for birthday parties. At Newcastle limo service, we have the best and latest party bus in Middlesbrough limos that are suitable for birthday party celebrations. With Party Bus in Middlesbrough Newcastle, you can begin the party right from your doorstep. Yorkshire Party Bus in Newcastle is very fun, and the good thing about it is that you can invite only close friends and family.

Why hire Party Bus in Yorkshire & Middlesbrough for your birthday party?

Firstly, the VIP treatment and feeling that comes with boarding a Party Bus in Middlesbrough in Newcastle is something that will linger in your mind. All you have to do is tell us how you want the Newcastle limo decorated. Secondly, it is very suitable for birthday parties especially if you plan on taking alcoholic drinks. Being a chauffeured limo in Newcastle, you and your friends will not have to worry about the designated driver. Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough chauffeurs will make sure you and your companions are safe even when under the influence of alcohol. Finally, our cheap Party Bus in Middlesbrough prices are the most affordable you can ever get. We offer quality Newcastle limo services at a cheap rate. It might be unbelievable that you can actually hire a limo in Newcastle at a cheap cost. The truth is, it is possible to get the limo from Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough for the amount of time you would like at a fair cost. Take advantage of this and book one for your birthday or a friend’s birthday. There is no better way of celebrating such a special day than getting a limo for hire in Newcastle. Activities you can do for your party in a limo. Party limos have gained popularity over the years. Here is a list of activities you can do to have a good time in the Newcastle limo. Unlike clubbing, you can party in a Newcastle limo for hire all day and night. Even if you want to go pick a few of your friends, we are here to fulfill that wish. Alternatively, you can make arrangements with Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough to go for a sightseeing session. If you want to visit these places with your friends in our Newcastle limos, our chauffeur will do exactly that. Having fun in a limo while enjoying the wonderful views at the sites is an exciting and peaceful experience. Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough will assign a chauffeur who knows the city well so you will not waste time looking for direction to the sites. Your kid would be very happy if you hired a limo for his or her party. Boarding a limo is always a pleasure, no matter your age. Yorkshire Party Bus in Newcastle not only plans birthday parties for adults but also kids. The Newcastle limo will be decorated according to your specifications. Let your child have a different experience when it comes to birthday parties by hiring one of the Newcastle limos.

Why choose Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough Company?

Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough has been trusted for a long period by its customers to provide excellent services. Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough chauffeurs are well trained and have good driving skills. Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough always ensures the customer is safe at all times. Choose Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough services for the best experience with Party Bus in Middlesbrough in Newcastle. All the services at Newcastle Party Bus in Middlesbrough are offered at a cheap cost. Trust us for a wonderful birthday experience either for kids or adults. What better way to do that than hiring a Newcastle limo for the special occasion? We have followed all the precautions set in place for Yorkshire Party Bus in Newcastle. At Newcastle limo hire, we value customer satisfaction, and that is why we give the best quality service.

We would love to be part of your birthday celebrations. A Hummer is a great Limo for birthday events and not as expensive as you would imagine. Try us, give us a call on 0191 5802444 or fill the form in.

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